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Natural gas is essential for homes and businesses . Natural gas is transported to the consumer through an ever growing network of pipelines and gas lines. Thousands of compressors, measuring stations and a plurality of valves all have the potential to leak . The uncontrolled release of natural gas into the environment is not only potentially dangerous and wasteful but also harmful to the environment as containing 90 % of the earth's methane gases ( GHG ) .

The conventional monitoring methods (visual inspection) detect leaks only above a certain size. These methods are costly or ineffective in remote areas and do not meet to customers requirements.

ALMA G2 ( Airborne Laser Methane Assessment) is the solution for an effective and economic pipeline and network inspection . ALMA G2 is the latest natural gas leak detection system.

ALMA G2 is equipped with a pulsed diode laser. The laser beam is directed onto the pipeline towards the wind direction. The reflective and scattered reflections are collected by a mirror on the underside of ALMA G2. When methane is present the laser light will be absorbed and the deformation of the signal is proportional to the concentration of methane the laser beam path.