Cost reduction by targeted servicing


80 % of the damages are only visible from the air. With our system you can detect without climbing on masts. Pergam-Suisse AG is using the latest technology of a gyro-stabilized gimbal . All systems for successful airborne test are summarized in a single device . This system can be assembled to different helicopter types, such as R44 Raven II , Bell 206 , AS 350 and more. Pergam-Suisse AG has a corresponding EASA approval. The inspection with the airborne powerline replaces the departing of masts in full. The examination takes place at a speed between 30 and 50 km / h. Powerline systems up to 12 m width can be detected .

During the flight, all data is recorded consistently

Reporting and documentation will be made according to the specifications of the customer. All data are constantly recorded during the flight. Each measurement / detection is provided with GPS coorsdinates and time stamp.This allows a precise localization of the problems. The airborne inspection is an effective way to prevent potential failures and to reduce maintenance costs.