Security for compressor stations, LNG terminals

Compressor station
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LMS detection principle

LNG gains more recognition due to its environmental friendly nature. Consequently, the operators of LNG terminals / compressor stations face a variety of challenges. Economy and availability of LNG is very important thus reliable delivery and the prevention of unplanned shutdowns are key factors. Our LMS remote mini solution can support you in reducing unplanned shutdowns and gives protection to mission-critical systems in order to reduce operational delays. Nowadays, LNG terminals cannot work without a modern monitoring system.

Laser Monitoring System (LMS) is used for remote detection of gas leaks by using laser technology. It allows to measure the methane content along the laser optical path to a topographic target. Remote detections can easily be made up to a distance of 50 m.

LMS remote mini is based on laser absorption spectrometer for gas measurement. The system detects gas by emitting a laser at a specific wavelength. LMS remote mini then analyses the reflected energy of the laser and determine how much of energy was absorbed by methane. An alarm would be activated when the methane levels are over a certain value set by the operator. The system records all data, including coordinates of leaks, size of leaks continuously.