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LMS detection principle

LNG gains more and more importance due to its environmental friendliness. Consequently, the operator of LNG terminals face a variety of challenges. Economy and availability are central importance, therefore the reliable delivery and the prevention of unplanned shutdowns are key factors. Our LMS remote solution can support you in unplanned shutdowns and gives protection of mission-critical systems to reduce massively disturbances. LNG terminals can not work without a modern  monitoring system.

Laser Monitoring System (LMS) is the name for a detector that is used for remote detection of gas leaks using a laser beam. It allows the measurement of the methane content with the laser beam along the optical path to a topographic object. Remote detections can be made up to a distance of 150 m.

LMS is based on using a remote laser absorption spectrometer supplied from methane gas for gas measurement. The system detects gas leaks by emitting a laser beam with a specific wavelength. LMS remote analyzes the reflection coming back from an object. It can determine how much methane is absorbed and if disagreement is detected it will give immediately an alarm. The system continually records all data, including coordinates of leaks, size of leaks.