The right measurement system

Now it's even easier to choose the right measuring system according to your wishes and needs. We offer measurement systems for all requirements.

It is Easy-Laser ® shaft alignment systems for every application, from the simplest to the most advanced task, even in hazardous environments. All systems are designed for easy mounting on the machine. Major components are made ​​of aluminum and stainless steel to ensure reliable results and highest reliability under harsh environmental conditions.

We offer a complete professional range of appliances for the alignment of belt and chain drives. You can choose between "optical" indicator targets or digital display. No matter which system you choose, the end result is a reduced wear of pulley, belts, bearings and seals. The vibration level is also reduced. Increased efficiency also means large lower energy costs.
Geometric measurement covers an extremely wide range of tasks. This ranges from the relatively simple measurement of straightness of a carrier to the considerably more complicated perpendicular measurements of machine tools and the screening of turbines to generate electricity. The Easy-Laser ® systems are ideally suited to perform these types of measurements quickly and easily. The flexible and intelligent design allows for diverse application areas, since the laser transmitter and detector are designed so that they can be bought in all possible directions or twisted and secured!