The right measurement system

The Easy-Laser ® E420 sets a new standard for entry-level laser systems for shaft alignment. Wireless measurement units, a large 5.7 "color display and a design according to IP65, can withstand even the toughest conditions. These properties are usually found on more expensive systems!
5 programs for the alignment of horizontal and vertical machines are included. In addition, there are functions to control the tilt-foot for thermal expansion compensation and tolerance control.

Easy-Laser ® E710 is a complete alignment system is in true sense of the word. It not only gives you all the functions for shaft alignment, but also the ability to control the flatness of the machine base and any bearing play with the standard equipment!

14 Programs for soft foot, vertical / flange machines, machinery etc. as well as cardan / offset mounted * machines etc. are also included.



The parallelism system of Easy Laser® E 970 using the traditional method, in which a laser beam directed along the machine and is then deflected with a pentaprism 90 degrees in the direction of the measured object.
In addition to paper machines, printing presses and rolling mills and rails, high mileage cars, cutting tool for sheet metal and many other types of machines can be measured and aligned.