Power Line Inspection

CoroCAM 350

Pergam-Suisse AG airborne powerline inspection service utilizes the most advanced technology, experienced pilots and electrical power line specialists and certified operators to detect weak points before they impact your power line network.

The 14 MegaPixel camera captures high resolution still images that provide visual records of faults detected by the infrared camera.

Digital 14 Megapixel Camera

The thermal imaging camera can easily identify objects from their thermal signature or power line problems where the fault is apparent as a change in temperature. The camera contains a high definition 640×480 pixel detector that allows temperature readings either in real time or from a stored image.


It delivers exceptional sensitivity, resolution, and image quality for a wide variety of airborne imaging applications. Its 0.03°C sensitivity and ±1°C accuracy means precise temperature readings.

The corona camera is capable of detecting and producing video images of the energy generated by the corona phenomena.

UV Camera

Corona and arcing occur by stress of the electric field which is not current dependent and therefore can only be revealed by UV inspection. The camera is highly sensitive,  3 x 10-18 watt/cm2, and fully solar-blind meaning that Corona can be visualized in full daytime.

HD Video Kamera

The HD Video Camera is recording during the whole flight. The video contains all GPS data to locate the detected errors.