Street Evaluating Laser Methane Assessment

Installation on a car

SELMA is one of the most modern gas leak detector device. The main application is the Leak detection in gas pipelines, compressor stations and other potential sources of methane emissions. The principle of SELMA is a pulsating infrared laser, which is directed to the location to be examined.


The SELMA system consists of two individual lasers that can be used togehter or each individually. The bumper laser for street leak inspektion is mounted at the front of the car. The roof laser which can detect methane leaks for example on walls, sidewalks etc. is mounted on the top of the car.


The infrared laser beam can directed on each item / location in a distance from 1 to 50 meters. If a methane cloud is crossing the laser beam at any point between the system and the reflection object the discharged amount is recognized and will be measured.

Laptop with Software

The SELMA system is provided with the Pergam-GLD-Online-Software. This software provides a real-time monitoring, data collection including analysis. The intergrated GPS gives you the precise location of the detecting leaks.

Multi-pass cell